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Bitcoin’s Energy Consumption Facts & Myths

Bitcoin is the most efficient monetary network in existence, it represents the best version of sound-money there is. Mining powers this network by securing every block of transactions with programmatic certainty, truth.

This site is designed to break down the most widely misunderstood facts about bitcoin from the miners that power the network through Proof-of-Work.


Bitcoin Mining Empowers 

Bitcoin is a monetary network that empowers individuals to hold their own keys to their own financial future. We will be comparing Bitcoin to the existing legacy financial sector that includes Central Banks, private banking operations, and the governments that maintain the fiat powering this system. You can find the sources of this information here.

Bitcoin Mining Energy Sources

Bitcoin miners have to be profitable in order to continue mining, their ability to remain profitable depends on finding the cheapest source of electricity available. Bitcoin is roughly 20% less carbon intensive than the world grid based on the carbon intensity profile in “Services – Finance, Insurance, Real Estate.”

Annualized Bitcoin Emissions

Because Bitcoin seeks the energy with the least number of market participants, the growing trend is to utilized wasted energy sources, like vented methane gas to power it’s operations. Bitcoin is the buyer of last resort, making it possible for isolated and wasted energy sources to be utilized efficiently. In comparison to Gold and the legacy financial system, Bitcoin has the most dynamic abilities to have a clear downward trajectory of carbon intensity.

Why Bitcoin Matters to You

The legacy financial system, powered by fiat government money is being inflated at incredible rates. Bitcoin mining performs the critical role of incentivizing security from many providers (decentralized) and verifying that every transaction is in accordance with the consensus of the majority. Bitcoin has the power to deliver better financial performance at a fraction of the environmental cost of the legacy system.

Bitcoin Mining Leaders

Great American Mining monetizes wasted, stranded, and undervalued gas in multiple energy sectors. The impact this has on the environment is measurable by removing flaring from and venting from the usual cost that comes from legacy oil and gas sources.

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We love Bitcoin because it means freedom from the crumbling fiat monetary system, this is a project funded by the Bitcoin Seed Fund.

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